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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Texas Bloat Makes Me Glad To Be A Miner

I use to think that perhaps Wallace High School put too much emphasis on sports and not enough on music, art, and academics. Don't me wrong, I love sports,and I loved WHS sports in particular, but we didn't even begin to worship football the way they do in Texas.

One school in Texas is building a 70 million dollar stadium. They originally approved 63 million, but I just read this morning that the cost will be 70 million. Here is what the final product will look like

And here is where our Miners play-picture from Sather FB page

OK, it is not a 70 million dollar stadium. It is not even a 70 thousand dollar stadium.., but at  least we know what is important and what is just over-bloated egos. GO MINERS


Go Figure said...

Cedar, that is the 'new version'. I wonder if there are any pictures of the old grandstands around when it was in its "prime"? Next to the Burke baseball field, I believe that Sather Field had the best setting with the mountains right behind the grandstand. As a grade schooler, watching a football game at night at Sather Field was almost mystical. I was in Jr. High, but I remember standing on the "visitor's" sidelines watching a game (you could stand right on the sideline over there--Ha) and your brother came screaming across the field, made a tackle and in the process wiped out one of the guys 'running' the yardage chain. Now that, was way cool! Ha!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Yep, I looked for a picture of the old version, but could not find one. I miss the old grandstands with the roof over the was beautiful. I find a lot of articles abut Sather Filed back when it was first built, but no pics. I was planning on blogging about it soon.