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Friday, August 12, 2016

Berry Good

So, here is your question of the day. Ready? If you had your choice would you rather eat  1.Vaccinium, or would you rather eat a 2, Gaylussacia? Perhaps your tastes would be better served with a 3. whortleberry. If you chose number 1 you would probably also enjoy snacking on number 2 and number 3. Or you could eat all three at once by treating yourself to some delicious small berries that we in Idaho know as the ---drum roll---------Huckleberry. Yes, the good old huckleberry, a well-known treat to us North Idaho folks and main food source for our furry friends in the woods, the black bear.

In honor of the upcoming Huckleberry Festival in Wallace, Idaho, the 3rd weekend of August,  I present to you the huckleberry in it's finest form.

These make this-Huckleberry Pie from And this---------Huckleberry Pancakes | Yelp And thisHuckleberry Milkshake | Troy's 40th | PinterestAnd this-Huckleberry Muffins | Flickr - Photo Sharing!But try to not run into this--

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