Saturday, August 27, 2016

If You Follow Your Feet, You Should Get There Just Fine.

The sun was high in the daytime sky and the mercury was hovering around the 90-degree mark. I know that for some of you 90 degrees is not all that hot, but for me, well, it is torture. I had been moe or less house confined last week because of my lungs, but Saturday I asked the wife if she would like to go for a little ride.Riding around has always been our thing and as often as not we have no destination in mind when we leave. We like it that way and I am always reminded of a book that I read years ago called ' I Walk Best When I Don't Know Where I Am Walking".

I heartily recommend trying that if you have neve done it.When I walked and jogged every morning when I was living in Seattle, I would just take off and let my feet and legs where they wanted to.If they took off for downtown straight down Jackson Street, well, downtown via Jackson was where my feet and legs went. Of course, I was not far behind them.If you are not familiar with the hills and streets in Seattle some of this may not make much sense. but if you know First Hill and the Central District, you will understand what I am talking about.The problem with this route was that when I got downtown and looked back up the hill and the many steep blocks that I would have to conquer I would  look down  at my feet and say "Thanks a lot, Now look how far we are from home." Oh well, just between you and me I always enjoyed the challenge and felt like Rocky must have when I managed to make it home without having a major coronary.

On some of my more leisurely walks in Seattle, I would literally stop and admire flowers in some of the immaculately barbered yards and gardens of First Hill and Capitol Hill. When was the last time that you stopped and smelled the roses? I highly endorse the idea that you do it soon. It is good for the body, lowers your blood pressure, gives you a moment when you feel so connected to God, and helps you to understand that the most beautiful things in life are free.

Take a walk today, but don't tell your feet where to go.Let them lead the way and go where they will to go. You will get there just fine and be glad that you did.

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