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Sunday, August 14, 2016

If I Were Super Wealthy

I don't dream of owning a mansion on the hill. I don't dream about having a chauffeur drive me to the bank. Nope, I don't want riches to just have riches. I were super wealthy, and we are talking 500 million or more,I would make sure that every storefront in Wallace was filled with one type of business or another.

There would be restaurants on 6th Street in Sweets and The Mint(The Jameson). There would be at least one pharmacy, one department store that carried moderately priced clothes for the whole family, a real dime store, and one small movie theater. The bowling alley would once again fill on weekends, and Kellogg would not be the only place to purchase a new car. We would once again have our own police force, fire department, and of course a hospital.that was set up to actually deliver a baby.

OK, it will probably never happen, but I am kept alive not on what is not probable, but what is possible. ( I borrowed that one from a Mariner commercial on Roots Sports)

The dream does not die with Wallace, nope, when I dream, I dream big-


Together, we can make Burke great again. 


Go Figure said...

Cedar: I would settle for the Burke baseball field being refurbished. Maybe we should establish a "Go Fund Me" account and "get'er done"?

Cedar Street Kid said...

let's do it, sounds like a great project, My dad talked so much about the old jewel. I would love to have seen it in those days.