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Thursday, June 2, 2016

And That's The Way It Is

You have got to love the old newspapers and the devil may care, let the chips fall where they may, tell it like it is, reporting and editorial writing style. The two words, "politically" and " correct" had not even begun a courting process, let alone the shotgun wedding that would happen a decade or so later.

Mostly this blog is about growing up Wallace,and my days in hotel management,but once in awhile, I post some was kind of political musing and drivel. Here is an on the spot story in a paper called the 'Spokane Falls Review" on June 30,1986. This is hysterical,Enjoy.

A lively time the legislators of Ohio are having. The people do not pay their representatives for such monkeying and they should adjourn until such time until they can meet and attend to the great business of so great a commonwealth as Ohio

Yes, we need that kind of journalistic, telling it like it is, newspapers today.

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