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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sage-From Boxer To Lawyer To Judge-The Dream

Robert E Sage of Burke,Idaho was a good enough pugilist to make enough money to attend law school, but not quite good enough to win it all. His record stood at 22 wins,12 losses, and 2 draws. He recorded  9 wins by knockout, and in return was knocked out 2 times. It must have been a tough way to pay for school, but young Robert had a dream, a dream that later turned into a nightmare that would have made a great movie.

No doubt young Robert was bright, and he must have understood that his destiny was not to be found in the burgeoning, dirty, raucous, suffocating ,canyon walls that birthed the mining camp of Burke, Idaho. No, his destiny was to be found somewhere else, where his fighting talents could be modified to a new type of ring, the courtroom.

Detroit University was Sage's choice to study law, and while he was studying torts contracts,and other matters of  law, he continued to box  to pay the bills. Perhaps, though, money may not have been the only reason he continued to hit and be hit for a living. Maybe he enjoyed the punishment that he would dole out on a weaker opponent. Maybe, he loved the game of trying to out maneuver a worthy adversary, ducking, weaving, bobbing , and then moving in to deliver a knockout blow.Maybe, he enjoyed the test of the mettle of getting up off of the canvas after being knocked off his feet, trying to rise up while the cuckoo birds were still popping in and out in the clock of his mind.

It was while doing double duty of young advocate by day and  ring warrior by night that Sage decided to merge his life and the life of Miss Catherine McIntosh, a fellow former classmate at Detroit University and a practicing attorney. The bride to be had this to say about Robert's night job.

Bob is going to continue to box for a year after we are married. After that, he will probably retire from the ring and we will practice law together.
The Spokane Daily Chronicle article went on to say that  Miss McIntosh did not see her fiance fight Greb for the middleweight title, not that she did not want to, but he would not let her. Sage trained in Spokane that summer and fought in Wallace against a boxer by the name of Billy Conly. Both Catherin and Robert were a whopping 24 years old. Thier futures looked unlimited with nothing but bright sunshine ahead.,2125334&hl=en

Next- Here comes the judge and the strange saga of Sage.

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