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Saturday, April 2, 2016

It's Baseball Time

Yes, fans, it is once again time for the great American pastime. I know, I know, most people consider football to be the leader in Amercian fan support, but well, I am, if nothing, a romanticist in the classical sense, and I am somewhat of a back to the future type guy, so to me, there is no comparison. Baseball is still king of the hill.

Every year when I was growing up Wallace, the beginning of the baseball season was a time of celebration. My late dad loved baseball, and he had grown up a St Louis Cardinals fan. As a young man, he used the old peephole at a stadium in his hometown of Joplin, MO, and watched the Cardinals play an exhibition game against the Joplin Miners, a minor league club in the Western Association. Dad instilled the love of the game in my brother and in me at a very, very, young age. The Game of the Week was a time of sharing" dad time", and we never missed it.

Each year when spring came, and baseball season started, my dad would remark that another winter was gone, and he had made it another year. Spring and baseball brought hope, new beginnings, and a pat on the back that indeed another harsh Wallace winter was over. As i get older, I, too, now look for the start of the baseball season and I, too, now, say. "Wow, I made it another year. I am still alive, and there are new beginnings and new hope.

So, Play Ball!

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