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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Back to the future or is it back to the past?

The details are coming together in fine order, and the folks moving us to our next destination confirmed today. Now, the goodbyes commence. The checkers in our favorite store, the man who has delivered my oxygen every other week for the last 6 years. the neighbors, the complex manager, and many others are being said so long to, and a  tiny lump stirs in your throat. You didn't realize that you had become so attached!

Life is about change, even if that change is actually a going back in place thing. So, next week, on the 16th, the truck will be loaded, we will get in our car with our cat, and we will all parade to a place that is both the past and the future. Hmm, maybe the past and the future have always been the same. I need to think about that for awhile.

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