Friday, February 19, 2016

Quiz-Name That Wallace Teacher

One of my earlier blogs showed pictures of well known Wallace personalities and I asked the readers to guess who it was. Today I won't post pictures, but instead, I will give a brief description and you name the person. Today's quiz will be about former Wallace teachers. Ready? Let's begin.
(Note-please remember that this is all in fun, and in no way is it an attempt to make fun of or denigrate anyone) The test will include teachers from all levels.

1. This teacher was known for her dangling bracelets and a very strong perfume that let us know that she was coming down the hall and heading for the classroom.

2. This wispy fellow was so fast with his hands that he could catch flies in lightning fast motions and never miss a beat in his lectures.

3. It was impossible to get an A+ in this class because this teacher said that an A+ meant that the work was perfect and only Jesus Christ was perfect.

4. He was a brilliant lecturer and with one loud command from the back of the classroom, of,"Shut Up", the entire class would freeze in terror.But, he was on of the most beloved teachers.

5. She made me so angry with what I considered antiAmerican talk. She talked incessantly about the war in Vietnam and how wrong it was. She also was very much a progressive, but when I got to college I realized that she had taught me to use critical thinking. 

6. She had blue hair long before people started having blue hair.

7. She fell asleep right in the middle of a sentence.

8. She was tall, angular, and always wore dresses with huge, hoop, pockets.

9. She was young, smart, and was from Kansas. We always asked her to say " Kansas" because she had a classic midwestern way of talking.

10. He played football at Idaho, although he was not that big physically. He was born and raised in Wallace, but had been teaching in Anchorage, and was he was living there when the huge 1964 Alaskan earthquake rocked Anchorage.

OK, name those teachers. We had good teachers for such a small town. Growing up Wallace was special.

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