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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We Didn't Have A Clue, Or Did We?

Nope, it looked like my brother and I would not even have a clue that Christmas years ago. Our house on Cedar Stree had so many wonderful spaces for two growing boys to find, explore, hide, and snoop in. What was the last one? Snoop in? Well, yes, for each Christmas time my mother and father did their very best to hide those mysterious packages, and every year it was such fun to find them and carefully unwrap just enough to confirm what we thought they contained.

The basement of our house had a little room in the far corner had a little storage room with a door. In that room were shelves that my mother would use to put her canned peaches, pears, rhubarb, and other delights that we consumed throughout the year. It was also a great place to hide Santa's stash until Christmas unless of course two young detectives in the making were sniffing out the case.

Our instincts were right that December afternoon as my brother and I found the forbidden fruit, and I don't mean the canned kind. With the skill of a safe cracker, our fingers gently lifted up the corner of one package tagged to both of us. Every year we got one gift between us, and this year was no exception. We were thrilled to see that we would be getting a game of Clue this Christmas. I don't know if that board game is still around, but we sure loved to play it back then. We deftly taped the corner back up and scampered up the basement stairs, feeling confident that our escapade would go unnoticed.  Well, let me tell you, we were so wrong.

" Boys, come here" I can still hear it. Yes, we had been found out! Our mother was so " disappointed" in her boys, and as punishment, she was taking the game back to the store. There would be no Clue that Christmas.

My mother's sister who lived in Los Angeles always sent nice gifts each year, and the year of the clueless caper was no exception. There was one package from her that had both names on it, and like hungry wolves, my brother and I ripped the wrapping paper to shreds. As it became clear what was in the package we began to whoop and laugh hysterically, for yes, unknown to mom, our dear aunt had sent us boys a game of Clue for Christmas. Even our mother had to laugh.
Christmas was special when growing up Wallace.

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