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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Was It The Ghost of Christmas Past?

Yesterday my wife and I were at my monthly doctor appointment when my wife received a frantic call from our next door neighbour. Michelle told my wife that our television in the living room was on so loud that she could not hear her music, and believe me, Michelle like her music very loud! Now, we always turn off the television before we go out, and it is never very loud even when we are home. As soon as I came into the reception after seeing my provider, my wife told me that we needed to get home because something was not right,

We rushed home, and before we even got out of the care we could hear our television so loudly that the noise we vibrating the door. I checked the lock, and the front door was locked, and we went in and I turned off the runaway television, which by the way, had the sound turned up to the very highest that it would go. I checked the back door, and it too was secured. We then checked the apartment for any possible missing things, and everything seemed to be in order. Our poor cat, however, was huddled on our bed, shaking like a leaf. it took all night to get her calmed down. I asked here if she had turned on the set, and I got a look of total disdain. 

So, we went to bed last night without any answers. Was someone in the house? Did some sort of strange electric impulse turn the set on? Did our cat have some kind of sudden jumping ability and claw thumb dexterity to do it? I doubt it since she is crippled. 

Or, were visited by a spirit of Christmas past, present or future?   It is that time of the year! 

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