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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Do Things Ever Really Change?

The cycles of politics and global affairs seem to never really change. I love to research old newspapers, especially ones that are or once were fairly local. Here is the headline on this day, 11/28 in 1967 in the Spokane Daily Chronicle.

Greeks Ponder Answer to Turkey
War, Peace, Hangs on Deliberation

 What do we have going today? Yep, those Turkeys seem to cause worldwide problems right after Thanksgiving.
 We also have trouble with Russia, just as we did in 1968 with the Soviet Union. Like the old adage says, " the more things change, the more they are alike."  47 years from now, if the world is still here, someone will dig up a copy of an 11/28/15 newspaper and say  '"Wow,this looks just like the headlines in today's news".

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