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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Joy of Leaves

Watching a video of my grandson being totally mesmerized by a single, fallen leaf in the park, reminded me of the joy that Fall brought to me as a kid growing up in Wallace.
Falling leaves brings joy to kitties, puppies, adult humans and tiny tots.

Wallace was certainly blessed with leaves of all shapes, colors, and sizes and our house on Cedar Street was no exception.  We  had two beautiful chestnut trees on the front lawn and believe me, there was no shortage of leaves on the Iawn in the Fall. I still ache when I think about raking all of those leaves.

As an adult, I moved back with my first wife and kids for a short time to Wallace. My son was about eight, and my dad asked him if he would like to make a little money raking up some leaves in his yard. My son, anxious for video game money, readily accepted the job. I thought that that he would learn a splendid lesson about how we needed to work for things that we wanted.

He labored, and labored with the raking, and was rewarded with a nice payment from my dad. I asked my son if he had learned anything from the experience. The answer that I got was not what I expected. Looking me right in the eyes, he said,"'yea, I learned that I shouldn't have accepted the job"

They say the apple never falls far from the tree.

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