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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

This Day, July 8, 1929

I love this gem that I found in a 1929 newspaper

Washington State Senator, CC Dill, a man extremely instrumental in fostering the advancement of radio broadcasting and programming in Washington, especially Spokane, and around the world had this to say in 1929.

radio broadcasting will be a factor in the elimination of war between the nations. It is only a short time ago that man built stone walls around their homes, and cities built walls along their boundaries because they feared every other individual or city was an enemy. Peoples and cities are becoming more friendly, and the walls are disappearing.
Radio is now playing its part in breaking down the walls still further.In time, radio will bring the peoples of the earth closer together and will make men see the futility of war which so frequently in the past has caused so much needless suffering.
Oh, Senator Dill, you heart was in the right place, and your theory sounded so good, but alas, you were so wrong about the power of radio. 

Other news from that day, New Yorkers compared the four leading cigarettes of the day, adn the results were verified by CPA's and the winner is Old Gold.Hm, well, Ok.

And that's the way it was, at least a little bit the way it was. 

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