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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This day in 1965-July7

Wallace native, Lana Turner, was rushed to the hospital in Palm Springs where she was with her husband of two week, Robert Eaton. My guess was it must have been something that she was eaton.------BaBoom.

At a circus toy sale in Spokane double skateboards were only $3.99, Did we even have skateboards in Wallace back in those days? I don't remember ever seeing them there when I was growing up. We had roller skates and a roller rink in Smelterville, but I don't remember skateboards back then.

Idaho native and major league pitcher, Vern Law, was named co-player of June along with slugger Willie Stargell. Getting to meet Mr.Law after the 1960 World Series was a real treat for a Wallace Elementary kid.

Hecla Mining, a Wallace born and raised company until a new company president and Wallace traitor, moved the company to Coeur d' Alene, was selling on the NY Stock Exchange at 27 1/4, and Sunshine Mining was at 19 1/4.
Ah for the good old days in Wallace and the Coeur d' Alene Mining District.

M-D Toilet paper was sold in a grocery store for 12 rolls for a dollar. Hm, MD toilet paper, I knew they had MD wine, but I guess toilet paper was a logical product to have with that wine.( Boy, do I ever remember MD wine, or maybe it is more like I remember After having MD wine more than the drinking of the vintage grapes.

Safeway had bananas 2 pounds for ---twenty-five cents. -Wow

And that's the way it was, well, some of it anyway, on this day in history, July 7, 1965. Good day, and may all of your news be happy news.

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