Monday, March 16, 2015

Some Sweets Are Good For You.

Close your eyes for a moment and let your mind go back to the best food that you ever ate. No, it was probably not the $50.00 Filet at that restaurant in the fancy hotel downtown. No, it was, if you were, to be honest, not even that savory pot roast that you raved about that your wife or sweetheart served you for dinner last night.

 I am talking about that small, crowded, smoke-filled, greasy spoon place where the waitresses chewed gun and called everyone "hon", The food was American cuisine, the jute boxes were on every booth, and you could hear the waitress shouting out the orders. I am talking about that hometown little cafe that served the locals 24 hours a day with egg coffee and hot cakes for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and all Amerian fare for dinner, Pies were always fresh, the coffee kept coming, and you knew most of the patrons at any given time.

On Friday or Saturday night, by chance if one had been out on the town and needed some food to balance the whiskey or beer churning the stomach, one always had a friend to go to and get that hot cup of coffee, that sandwich to calm the churning.and a kind human ear to listen to your tales of woe,

Or maybe, if you were a junior high school kid with a broken heart from your first break up with the "love of your life", you could meet a friend there who had a similar experience and pluck a quarter in the box and listen to Roger Miller,and " Walking in the Sunshine", After a plate full of greasy, thick fries and several cokes, life did not look so bleak.

So, what was the name of this splendid eating establishment of the past? Sweets Cafe, of course. It is so hard for me to imagine Wallace without Sweets Cafe. I sure miss the good old days of Wallace.

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