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Monday, September 1, 2014

Cupcakes Are Good For The Brain, And The Tummy.

Kudos to Georgia. I salute you.
Return school policies and curriculum decisions to the states where they belong.
ATLANTA – Georgia Board of Education members chastised federal bureaucrats Thursday as they voted to exempt public schools from new snack regulations the majority believe are overbearing.

bakesale“I’m offended by the belief that only people in Washington, D.C. care for children,” board member Larry Winter said.
Winter’s colleague, board member Barbara Hampton, expressed a similar sentiment as the board voted 9-1 to allow districts to sell “unhealthy snacks” for school fundraisers, with some restrictions.
“Georgians know what’s best for Georgians and it’s more for me a message about federal versus state than it is nutrition in the school, because that’s a local decision,” she said, according to

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