Friday, February 28, 2014

Well, It Could Happen, Coudn't It?

Although it is certainly hard to tell from looking out my living room window and seeing the icicles hanging down across the way, spring training is here for the great American pastime, and yes, I am talking baseball. There is nothing more definitive on my calendar than the marking of the great expectation that comes with the new season right around the corner. Baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet, although if someone were to write that jingle today, it would probably read, baseball, sushi, and Toyota. That does not seem to have the same ring to it, so in my outdated mind, I still think of hot dogs, beer, and stale cigar smoke permeating the night air at the old ball park.

I still see the Mick, The Say Hey Kid, Yogi, Aaron, Mathews, Koufax, Drysdale, and a whole host of other all time greats as they arrive and begin getting ready for the greatest of all games. I still see the lovable Cubbies and their fans as they greet the first days of practice with their eternal optimism that yes, this is the year that curse of the goat is broken. I can understand that optimism, and I can understand that anticipation, for you see, I , too, have my version of the Cubbies to rocket my expectations soaring into the heavens, only to have them crash to the ground in hopeless flames of destruction by July 1. For you see, I am a die hard Seattle Mariner fan, and have been since that first pitch in the Kingdome, April 6, 1977. Now, I live and die with their fortunes, which have been few, and their misfortunes, which of been colossal.

This year, I have new hope as we have a new manger and added the Yankee great second baseman, Robinson Cano. There is reason once again to hope, to dream, and to believe, that this year, 2014, just could be the year. I also still have hope that I will be 6'5 and be very wealthy. Well, a fellow can dream, can't he? After all, Spring Training is here, and anything can happen.

Seattle Mariners 2014 Spring Training action began on Thursday (Feb. 27) against the San Diego Padres. The Mariners had Erasmo Ramirez take the mound first this spring and he pitched two strong inning to register the win. The 7-1 victory was the perfect way for quite a few new players to break in with the team down in Peoria

Well, it is a start, right?

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