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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

There's Something About Merry-reposted from 11/29/2013

And so the first of the Big Three, and no, that is not one of the college football conferences, has already come and gone, and now on to the Big One, the grandest of them all. We move from "Happy" to "Merry". I like the word " Merry". It sounds so, well, like Christmas.

Here is a little bit of history about the word. When we think of saying " Merry Christmas" I think that we sometimes are seeing an image of unbridled joy, festivities of color and song, and perhaps mugs raised in a toast in an English or Iris pub.The word " Merry" has indeed changed a little over the years. Let's look at the song'"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"

We run the word together as if merry is an adjective for gentlemen, But in the old days, the words would have been separated like this, " God rest ye merry, gentlemen" See the difference? So, what does this mean? The original meaning of " merry" was peaceful, at peace, content. So, the song would mean, God Rest ye peaceful, gentlemen, let nothing you dismay. Why? Because Christ the Savior was born on that day, and the cares and storms of life are in his hands.

So, remember this Christmas season, when you say " Merry Christmas" you are actually giving a wonderful blessing to them. Rest, be peaceful.

Merry  Christmas Lampost

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