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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Run Idaho, Run.

Mark November 23rd on your calendars. It could be the end of Idaho Vandal football. as we know it.  On that day they go to Florida to take on the high powered Florida State Seminoles, who massacred no 25 ranked Maryland today -63 to 0. Meanwhile, my beloved Vandals were blown out by 23rd  ranked Fresno State-61-14. That does not bode well for the Vandals on November 23rd. Wake up Idaho, and run back to the Big Sky while they still want you.

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Go Figure said...

Cedar: It sounded like the Vandals quarterback got bounced around pretty good. He won't be the only one on November 23rd. You should send in a letter to the editor. I am pretty sure that most persons, such as I was until your post, are not aware of that game. The U of I AD should be tarred and feathered run out of town on a rail. Scheduling FS is not just dumb, it is well--really really dumb.