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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Turning The Calendar

September has finally arrived, and with the simple flip of the page, a whole new era begins today. Everything changes in September as it trumpets the coming arrival of Fall . Schools start, leaves change colors, and the air becomes fresher after the choking heat of August. So, I flip the calendar over to September, and I see a whole new world. Here are a few examples.

Football kicks off with my Idaho Vandals in action on Aug, 31 against North Texas University. It is  new beginning, a new era, and a new nationally recognized coach. The result? N Texas U-40-Idaho-6
OK,some things don't change.

I loved the month of September when growing up Wallace. Excitement was in the air, and I eagerly awaited the stat of the new school year. ( OK, OK, I was weird), Labor Day was always a big day in my childhood home, because we had a tradition of doing our final bass fishing trip to Cave Lake for the season. We eagerly loaded up the car with all of our poles, plugs, jackets, and most important of all, Mom's always delicious, mouth watering, picnic dinners.,

As the heat of the day turned to the cool whisperings of evening, Dad, my brother, and I would start back to shore, trolling as we went and Dad cut the motor down to the lowest speed. We knew that as soon as we docked, that fishing was over until the Spring. So, with mixed emotions, we docked, tied the boat up, loaded the car, and started the journey back to Wallace for another family ritual, the bath, hair washing, shoe shining, laying out the new school clothes, and early to bed regime, When the alarm sounded in the morning, a whole new world awaited, and there was turning back as the new school year began. Ah, Wallace in September was a mighty fine time.


Go Figure said...

Cedar: Hey, they were the beginning. Reminds me of the Houston v. Idaho game back in the day. Idaho jumps out to a lead and then something like 77 unanswered points from Houston. Oh well, it was a 'payday' for the athletic department. Ha. I hope...eternally...that they get rolling for their next game when they play...hmm...can't seem to recall who they play...must be one of their traditional rivals. Ha!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Yes, I remember that game well. Idaho scored a field goal, and led 3-0. They played Houston the next year, too, same result.