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Sunday, September 15, 2013

This and That

I was thrilled when I read on ESPN that my Idaho Vandals were finally getting the recognition that they have so long and so hard striven to achieve. Yes, they have a national ranking! OK, so it is not the top 25 , but they are ranked number 3--the only problem with the ranking is that it is in the poll ranking the worst five teams in college football. Go Vandals. Go-back to the Big Sky Conference please!

I had a reunion of sorts with a friend from my school days in Wallace. We met for lunch in Wallace on Friday together with our spouses. Neither one of our wives is from the great city of Wallace. As you know, my wife is from Baltimore, and his wife is from another country, Southern Idaho.

It was a strange feeling sitting in the spot that once housed a department store. I had worked in that department store for several years after school and in the summer months sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms, washing windows and I even got to clerk the summer of my junior year. The store was gutted some years back, and a hotel, restaurant and lounge now occupy the former Morrows Department Store.

As we ate lunch, my friend and I went down the list of all of the various stores and other businesses that once graced the streets of our hometown, but were swept away in the unforgiving march of time
 After lunch, we drove around for awhile, including a trip to the metropolis of Burke, then up the hills in Wallace, a jaunt up King Street and finally a drive down my home street of Cedar and past the house that I grew up in.-(GF-we drove past your old home on King).All in all it was a really nice day.
After we got back home that evening, I grew really sad remembering what was, and then I smiled and realized that the memories and film clips in my brain are always there, and sometimes in the quite of the night, I replay those mind movies, and relive growing up Wallace.

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