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Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Past Is Not What It Use To Be -Reposted From 9/13/2013

Strange thing, history. When we were in school we had page after page of dates, times, names, events, and places shoved down our throats, Then, when we got to college in the seventies, we were told that none of the things that we had learned were true, or at the very least that they had been misinterpreted.  The guys that use to be the "good guys", were now the "bad guys", and the ones who had been the "bad guys" were now the "good guys". Quite confusing, history.

So, my question is this. Who do we believe? It seems to me that history is entirely a subjective subject, and the constant whine to rewrite it comes mostly from those who were on the losing side of things. Hm, I think that I am on to something there. Someday, our kids will no longer learn how the Japanese maliciously and without provocation attacked and killed thousands of innocents people in the second World War. Someday our kids will probably be taught that US policy caused the unspeakable  horror on 9/11 .

Yes, history is in the eyes of the beholder. I had to laugh when I read a quote from some "intellect" at NIC concerning the renaming of the Fort Sherman Park.

With the stroke of a pen, you can rewrite history, so we had to get it right," said Rhonda Smalley, a 24-year NIC employee who works in the campus mail and copy center\
So, why is someone who works in the mail and copy center the one who can rewrite history?
Wow, I must have missed that one somewhere. Well, sorry gang, that sentence said it all, The left is rewriting all American history at an alarming rate, I hope that we come to our senses soon.

Yogi Berra said it best. " The future ain't what it use to be." Well, the past must not be, either.

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