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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Glory Years

It may seem like I am picking on Vandal football in my posts, but really it is only because I want them to be winners. I spend my life rooting for underdogs, after all, I am a huge Seattle Mariner fan.
I believe in the power and the possibilities of the " little guy" rising up and slaying the giant. I will always root for the Vandals and my beloved Mariners.

Now, that with said, I did some research on some Vandal games from the old days, and I mean the days before even I was born. And would you believe? We had some very impressive victories.

1. 1906-Idaho Vandals 23 Coeur D Alene High School-0
2. 1907-Idaho Vandals 25 Coeur D Alene High School-0
3.1905-Idaho Vandals 41 Lewiston High School-2
And then my very favorite one

1899-Wallace AC beat the Vandals in Moscow, but the score is unknown. Yes, our Wallace.

So, you see, the Vandals could beat some high school teams. However, I am glad that they don't play Coeur D Alene High anymore. As good as CDA had been in recent years, they would probably kick their collective rear ends.


Go Figure said...

Cedar: And Wallace would have kicked all of their aces!

Cedar Street Kid said...

For sure, GF, for sure. I don't know what the Wallace Athletic Club was, but I noticed that Spokane had one, too, that played WSU.