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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Time To Re Coop

What Riley Cooper did what was not socially nice, maybe even morally wrong, and certainly at the least not acceptable in today's world. But come on, enough is enough. The politically correct police are working overtime, and when it gets to where you are banished for saying something that is not maybe so nice to say, and your entire future as a NFL player or any other occupation is left hanging over the precipice, something is very wrong in this country. First we deep fried Paula Deen, and now we are crucifying Riley Cooper.

I am not defending what either one of them said, but I am attacking the hypocrisy of those who have joined the mob crying for a punishment that is worse than the offense. You cannot tell me that in the heat of the battle, and in smack talk at the line of scrimmage in both college and NFL games, that racial slurs from both sides have not been said. Please! Can we have a little common sense here?

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