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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Team Wins The First Game

Yes, the Spurs, a workingman's team and an unselfish team that receives far too few accolades, beat the brat super star team from South Beach, or excuse me, Miami, in dramatic fashion to notch a game one victory in the NBA Finals. Way to go Spurs.


San Antonio reminds me of the way it was growing up in Wallace. Teamwork did not have to be taught. No, team work was just ingrained in the culture of the town and the Coeur D' Alene mining district. You and mining partner worked as one because your very lives depended on it, much like it is in the military and law enforcement.


Wallace High sport's teams played as a team. We really did not have too many super stars. Oh yes, there were a few really gifted athletes like Bob Jones, but most were just really good because of hard work, devotion to the school and teams, and sheer determination and will power.


My brother told me , and I am sire GF will concur, teams from much bigger schools dreaded playing Wallace in football because they hit so much harder than the bigger schools, and win, lose or draw, they knew that they had been in a battle.


Wallace played as a team, lost as a team, and celebrated a unique life style that was growing up Wallace


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Go Figure said...

I am not sure other teams dreaded playing WHS, but I can honestly say that even if the score, when time ran out, was in favor of the other team (which didn't occur often) the other team's members walked and/or limped very slowly off the field... no celebration. I do fondling recall never losing to the vaunted CDA Vikings during the three years I played. The best team I played on was in 1967, my sophomore year. I remember the practices well, despite having my 'bell' rung numerous times. Practices were no holds barred, punch mouth...During games there was no mercy/no prisoners...even for teammates who were 'slacking'. A good example occurred in 1969. We were playing the Moscow Bears. A big strong sophomore was playing as a defensive lineman. He started complaining in the defensive huddle about his leg hurting. One of the defensive backs (name withheld) actually kicked him in the butt and told him to stop complaining...get the job done. Everyone was quite surprised when on Monday he came to school in a full leg cast because he had sustained a broken leg.