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Sunday, June 23, 2013

No Lebron, You WIll Never Be Jordon

I am sick, sick, sick, of comparing athletes of one generation to another generation. It cannot be done. If we are to judge on the number of championship rings an athlete has on who is the so called greatest, then we are leaving out some of the greatest players to ever don a uniform. The team that the player has around him has much more to do with winning a championship than individual performance. Yes, I know a great player can carry a team for awhile, but to get to the championship n any team sport, it is the team that gets you there. James could not do it in Cleveland. He only did it when he was surrounded by two other stars. Miami was bought and paid for. I digress from the intent of my posts. Can we just say that there is only one Jordon, one Ruth, one Mantle, one Aaron, one Chamberlain,, one Jim Brown, one Joe Montana, one Ali, one Joe Lewis, and on and on. Each one was great.

I think that we are all influenced by the players that we watched in our childhoods and teen years, and to us, they will always be the greatest. To me, Mantle will always be the best slugger. Ali will always the greatest boxer. Jim Brown will always be the greatest running back, and Wilt Chamberlain will the greatest basketball player, although, in my opinion,( Bill Walton would be right there if not for the frail legs and shortened career. He was the ultimate team player.)

  And on this I close. Bonds, Arod, and some of the other modern players who supposedly hit a lot of homers, well, you did it with PEDS, and Ruth did , too. But, Ruth's' PEDS were a little different. His were -Parties, Eating, and Drinking. So, Ruth did it the old fashioned way, and thusly earns the title of the greatest of all times. Just think of how great he really would have been of he had taken care of his body!

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Cedar: Thoughtful and thought provoking post!