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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Catagory-Best comedy show-and the winner is-------------------------------------------------------

Comedy shows are what I watch most of the time on  television and movies, but in recent years there has been a dearth of what I consider to actually be funny. Last evening, I mentioned to my wife that I really wished that we could find a show to watch that would make me laugh, and that would hold my interest for more than two minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, we found it. It was the funniest show that I have watched in a long time, and it had both my wife and I rolling on the floor in laughter. The name? "Coeur D' Alene City Council Meetings" broadcast on channel 19 locally. It was hysterical, We ended up watching it for over three hours. Great comedy, great lines, and much better than the Three Stooges. Thank you CDA City Council Show. Keep the laughs coming.

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Go Figure said...

Yep. basic design is the same. However the one I was talking about was easily taken down...Ha!