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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brazen Bronx Bust

It has been 25 years ago since I lived in The Bronx. As my readers know, I blogged quite a bit about my days there. I still like to keep up on the news there, and from time to time I find an interesting article about it. Today I found one about a gang that robbed drug dealers and other people, and accumulated lots of cash and drugs. NYPD finally busted them.

As with so many criminals, there boldness and their conceit proved to be their undoing. Several of these gangbangers actually bragged about their crimes on Facebook. Wow, that is a new kind of dumb, or bravado, take your pick.

"The ruthless crew also caused at least a dozen bloody confrontations with rival gang members on the street leading to several shootings, according to the probe.
Gang members even bragged about their earnings on social media by using code words like "Grip," "Glocc," "Tool" and "Bike" for a firearm, and "Krills," "Yams" and "Grizz" for drugs, authorities said.
One gang member, Branden Cullins, posted a picture to his Facebook account showing the word "Wild" spelled out in cash, officials said."

Ah, some things never change.

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