Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My List Of Thingss To Do in Wallace.

While googling Wallace the other day, I found a page entitled " Things to do in Wallace".
"Hm", I said to no one in particular, as I was the only one in the room. I didn't know that there were still 10 things to do in Wallace.However, it did get me to thinking about the then and now.

I came up with my own list from earlier days in Wallace of ten things to do.

1. Walk down Cedar Street and visit some of Wallace.s most friendly "hotels".However, I strongly suggest that you go alone and not bring the wife and kids.

2. Visit Rags at the old 13-13 Club, and listen to some great styles of piano playing that have vanished in the synthetic era of music.

3. Visit the Metals Club

4. Visit the Cork and Bottle

5 Visit the Turf Bar

6. Visit Sweet's Lounge

7. Visit the old Mint Lounge

8. Visit the old Wallace Corner Beer and Wine only

9. Visit the old Palm Bar

10.. Visit the old Smoke House Bar

11. Visit the -well you get the picture. There was a lot to do in Wallace in the not so old days of old.


Go Figure said...

Picture??? No pictures...please! Ha!

Go Figure said...

Remember the 'Drunk and Bugle Corps? Somehow it is just not the same without all the taverns! Too much bugling and not enough 'Drunkin'.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Yes, they were still doing that the last time that I visited Lead Creek Derby in 2009.Some things don't change. (:)