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Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Questions About Boston

Everyone is looking for answers this week as once again the nation was rocked with murder and mayhem in one of our country's major cities. I, too, have a boatload of questions, some of which may, or may not, be the ones that a lot of Americans have.

First of all, I want to be clear that I am thrilled that law enforcement was able to bring this paragraph in a chapter of a never ending book to a close with no more deaths. What is this never ending book about? It is about those who would kill, burn, destroy, and bring utter chaos to our nation for political, religious, and who knows  for what other reasons.

My questions, however, are not so much about why this particular short lived war against the good people of Boston was staged. Sure, I am curious, but no matter what the answer is, it will never justify what these two brothers tried to do.

On the other hand, and here is my question, does what these brothers tried to do justify the police state that developed with such ease? When does the common good call for protection that basically suspends the rights of individuals, including search and seizure, curfews, lock downs, and bringing in a whole army to hunt down one man?

Now, I am not saying that they were wrong, but neither am I saying that they were right. I was very concerned to see a major city shut down without a whimper from the citizens who reside there. I was disturbed by the massive , army like swarms of police.

So, yes, I am thrilled that this paragraph was brought to a close in the ongoing war, but at what cost to liberty ? Will the police start using far less circumstances to seize a city?

These are my questions. And I will ponder them, but really have no hope of finding and answer.

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