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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Perfect Day At Fernan

Finally! The weather was perfect after a the long,dark,dismal days of winter, and we were restless to get out and get some sun. Not wanting to go far, we decided to go to one of our favorite places, Fernan Lake, and just sit and watch.

We have seen some of the most wonderful sights that nature has to offer on our visits to Fernan. One time we saw a doe nursing her fawns. We have seen eagles, deer, wild turkeys, ducks, geese, whole kaleidoscopes of colors and types of birds, and of course,the beautiful still, calm waters of this beautiful lake.

Yesterday's visit did nothing to dampen our expectations. When we got down to the public dock and boat launch area, we decided to walk, no small task for either one of us, me on my oxygen and my wife with her crippled knees, but we made it up to one of the benches, and sat down. We keep our binoculars with us at all times. One never knows what one might see in North Idaho.

We had been sitting for only a few minutes when two Mallards came wobbling out of the marshes and straight up the hill to where we were sitting. I kept expecting them to stop, but they obviously had no fear of their human family. Oh, the colors were so magnificent on both of them. With the sun lending the shimmering light, the green turned different shades from dark to light back to dark. God certainly painted these guys beautifully. We sat ever so quietly as they wondered around our feet, all the while chatting to each other. Finally, they waddled off back to the lake, and off they went.

We were delighted with that, and were about ready to go when my wife looked out over the lake, and pulled the binoculars from the case. I looked up too, and there right in our view were three magnificent eagles soaring over the water, circling, soaring, and enthralling us for the next ten minutes or so as we sat spell bound watching this king of the birds.

OK, I know that is probably not that exciting to some of you, but these are the things that my wife and I love to do . We can sit for hours watching animals, birds, flowers, and lots more of God's magnificent earth. Yes, life is good in North Idaho.

Fernan LakeFrom the Fernan Village Website.


Go Figure said...

It is exciting to me too! That is why I like to archery 'hunt' so much. I get to see a large number of animals, large and small. Also, of course, I get to dress up in full camo, face paint (camo) and spray elk urine all over me, it is an 'accepted' activity, and nobody looks at me strangely. In fact even the quick stop people nod with approval! Life is good (especially during archery season).

Go Figure said...

Say, I just noticed that 'dapper' photo on the side of your blog. Lookin Good!(and cool). After all as I have told all the kids I have coached over the years--it doesn't matter if you win or lose, so long as you look good doing it!

Cedar Street Kid said...

I used to joke that on my tombstone they could write,"well, at least he looked good on the outside".