Saturday, March 30, 2013

Did You Know

That Wallace has had three different names?

In 1883 Col, Wallace got the title to some North Idaho land. There, he plotted a town, and named it "The Cedar Swamp" It was later changed to "Placer Center”, and finally, in 1887, it was changed to the name that we all know and love, “Wallace".

I am so thankful that the name was changed. I can just imagine the cheer that we use to do in school about” We're from Wallace, couldn't be prouder-----" going like this” We're from The Cedar Swamp, couldn't be prouder-----" Hm, loses something there, doesn't it?


Go Figure said...

True...but Placer Center (being as I lived 'up' Placer Creek would have been good too!

Cedar Street Kid said...

I could have lived wih Placer Center., but Cedar Swamp-well-the Valley would have had Smelterville, and Cedar Swamp.

MarmiteToasty said...

Cedar Swamp makes it sound like a little town of rednecks that wrestle crocodiles and have bango players sitting on bridges over rivers :) x