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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Scales - A Weighty Matter

How the battle over the scales changed with age. When I was growing up, the goal was to step on the scales and make them go up, but now, well, the object of the game now is to make them go down when I step on them.

Wallace had two places with old fashion scales in them, Tabors, and Rexall Drug, and come to think about it, I believe Morrows had a scale, too. My choice of scales was the Rexall Drug Store. Those old scales were like a sculptured art work. Every week I would dash up to the Drug Store to see if I had gained weight. Each time the scales went up, I cheered. My goal was to reach 200 lbs, and finally, my sophomore year, I stepped in the scales and -v room-205 pounds. I had arrived in full manhood. I was now six feet tall and weighed in at 205 pounds. I was now in inch taller than my dad, and weighed close to the same as he did.

Yes, I loved those old scales in Wallace. I think that they are still there, but my view of what they represent has changed. Three years ago, when I had my first near death experience, and the doctors shot me full of medicines that made my weight balloon, I figured that it was a passing thing. But ten months later, I was again fighting for my life, and once again, around the clock I was shot full of steroids that made my weight go to a new level that I thought I would never reach. But, now, I no longer wanted to weigh that much, and I was swollen like a toad. My feet were too big for my shoes and socks, and none of my pants fit anymore. This was not fun.

I am on steroids everyday now, and my doctors say that I will be for the rest of my life. They keep me alive, but I needed to find a way to not weigh so much. Well, 4 months later, and with lots of will power, I have once again brought my weight down to five pounds below my sophomore weight. Yes, I have once again reached the magic level of 200 pounds, only this time, I am thrilled to see it going down instead of up.

PS. I really want some ice cream and cake, and Twinkies, and --------------

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MarmiteToasty said...

if you lay on your back and put your feet in the air and balances the little bathroom scales on your feet and read the digits...... they are not so high :) - good on you getting back to your happy weight...... blimey, sorry to hear about your 'near death' I have muchous reading back to do......... x