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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reality Shock In The Fantasy World of Pro Sports

After the utterly, horrific, tragedy in Kansas City yesterday when the 25 year old line backer for the Chiefs shot and killed his girlfriend and then drove to the Chief's practice facility where he shot and killed himself in front of his his coach and general manager, the mayor of KC had this to say.

The Chiefs, who are 1-10 this season and have been heavily criticized by fans and media this season, and James didn’t rule that out as a factor in what may have made Belcher commit such a horrible crime.“We find a number of reasons to divide ourselves,” James said. “We can get pretty mean-spirited. We can talk about 25, 26, 30-year-old kids playing a game as if they are trash if they don’t perform up to our standards. Most of us have never played the game above high school, but all of a sudden we can tear them apart if they don’t meet our expectations. That has an impact on people … we could stand to put things in better perspective sometimes.”James questioned priorities in some cases.“We spend a lot of time, effort and energy looking at our sports stars,” he said, “but we have schools that are not working, we’ve got kids who need things and people who live on the street, and we don’t put nearly that amount of energy into those issues. … This is an indication of it.

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Ron Roizen said...

Thank you for this very sound comment by the mayor. A little wisdom and humanity reflected off a tragic situation.

Ron Roizen

Go Figure said...

It is too bad that Costas could not reflect wisdom in his opinions.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Hi Ron. We forget that these athletes are people with personal problems, love problems, family problems. I participate on several sports forums, and it has always really irritated me when posters would call an athlete a piece of trash, or a trade chip.

GF, Costas did blow his comments. They made no sense at all.