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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Remembering Little League

I was so proud watching my grandson pitch in the Little League World Series. It brought back a lot of great memories for me of my career in Wallace Little League. I played for USWA and wore number 15, the same number that my brother had worn for the same team. If I remember correctly, Go Figure played for TeleView. We had the following teams:








Britt’s-Garden Spot (-Steins to you newcomers)

I think that was all of the teams.

We had two fields, and both fields had features peculiar to them. The Wallace field was on the elementary school playground and was nothing more than dirt and rocks. It did, however, have several redeeming features. The grandstands were much better here, and the "dug out" was far superior to the bench at the other park. Also, the Wallace field did have a home run fence, which made it easier to hit a home run, although I never reached the fence.

The other field was in Silverton, and was part of the great stadium complex of the Little League field, the Babe Ruth field, complete with lights for night games, and of course, Sather Field, home of the Wallace High School football team. The beauty of Silverton was that it was a grass field, but there was no home run fence and no dugout. But overall, I preferred playing there.

Ah yes, childhood days in Wallace were great. There was always something to do in those days.


Go Figure said...

Yes siree Cedar...Telview! You have an amazing memory...and it brings back many of mine!

Cedar Street Kid said...

If I remember, TelView was the team to beat for a few years. They were really good.I was thinking back and trying to remember who played for whom. I think Rick Gillis was on Gyro,and Don Hulsizer was on Hecla.
I remember that our best pitcher was a left handed kid named Jack Kelly. He was really good. We also had Mark Bowlby, and Dr. Lynn's son.

Go Figure said...

Yep TV won the league when I was 12. I recall pitching in the 'Jamboree' that year. It was memorable, at least to me, because I hit each of the first three batters in the head and cracked their helmets. I was either a 'little' wild, or I was 'ahead' of my time in perfecting the technique of 'brushing' back the batter. Did you ever notice how the new baseballs, we hardly ever got to use one and especially not in practice, are so slippery?

Cedar Street Kid said...

Hmm, that must be why I was a little nervous batting when you were pitching. I only remember one game hitting against you. It was in Silverton, and you struck me out. But, before you get heady about it, I only hit about .120 that year. (:)