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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stop The Vandalizing

Please go back to the Big Sky.They play a good brand of football, and the rivalries are great. There is not future for you in the big boys play ground. Here is the dismal picture of this season so far.
Thu, Aug 30 Eastern Washington L 03-20 --
Sat, Sep 8 at Bowling Green L 13-21 --
Sat, Sep 15 at (3) LSU L 14-63 --
Sat, Sep 22 Wyoming L 37-40 --
Sat, Sep 29 at North Carolina L 0-66 --
Sat, Oct 6 New Mexico State W 26-18 --
Sat, Oct 13 at Texas State L 7-38 --
Sat, Oct 20 at Louisiana Tech L 28-70

You have been outscored  336 to 128! Even in the Big Sky you would have problems with Eastern and Montana, but at least you would have a chance. Run, run, and run quickly to the welcoming arms of the Big Sky.

PS. I cannot even begin to imagine how lousy New Mexico State must be !


Go Figure said...

It would be 'interesting' if they hire former Boystown State/Colorado coach Hawkins.

Cedar Street Kid said...

He was sure out of his league at Colorado.

Go Figure said...

Cedar-I have to disagree on that point. There has only been one coach at Colorado in my memory who has succeeded. Bill McCartney, Colorado competed against Notre Dame in the 1991 Orange Bowl. The Buffaloes defeated the Fighting Irish 10-9 and at season’s end were awarded the AP national championship. He is a man I would have played my heart out for.

Cedar Street Kid said...

.He was a great coach at BSU, he put them on the map, and yes, Colorado was a pit, especially after the Neuheisel debacle. My point, succeeding at BSU, especially in the early days and WAC days, and leaping to the Big 12 is a real big jump. I thought that he would turn the program around. Amway, for Idaho? Yes, he would be great.