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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Somtimes You Need To Let The Suckers Win

My big brother was an avid poker player, and he liked nothing better than a good game of cards, especially when he was able to take advantage of someone who was not quite as adept at poker as he was.

The 6th period at old Wallace High was the best time to have his little games. Everything was going great, and he was making some nice little spending money from his winnings. The problem was that one the people who continued to lose money to him was starting to get a little upset about losing all of the time.Complications arose when this student went to his mother and told her about my brother's little games. Unfortunately, for my brother, this student's mother, who shall remain nameless, worked for the school. She immediately went to Mr. Reager and spilled the beans.

Mr. Reager called my brother into his office one fine Friday morning in the Fall. He told my brother that he knew about his poker games and that he was suspending him from school. My brother was a senior on the football team and had high hopes of a scholarship offer, and this particular Friday was the big game day because tonight's opponent was the hated Kellogg Wildcats.

 Mortified, shocked, incredulous.Leon sat there in stunned silence as the clock in the office ticked on. Well, you get the picture. Mr. Reager let him sit there for a few minutes, and then said," Now that I have your attention, you are not suspended, but here is a little advice, if you are going to keep playing and beating the dummies, you have to let the suckers win once in awhile. "

Mr. Reager, you were really one of a kind.

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