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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mighty Mouse Meets The Twilight Zone

Hm, we seem to have a Mighty Mouse. It is really bad when you are getting outsmarted by a mouse, but then again, I have been outsmarted by far less . After all, mice and men share 99% of the same genes.

However, this is getting a little absurd When we first noticed our little visitor at 11:30 PM the other night, we decided to get a trap, put some peanut butter on it, and get the little pest. We had a brand new trap. That night we set the trap under the sink, put some peanut butter on it, went into our bedroom and waited for the click. 11:30 came and went, and nothing happened, so we went to sleep. The next morning my wife checked the trap, and said " Well, that little bugger, he licked the peanut butter clean and didn't get caught by the trap"

Ok, we kind of laughed about it and called the manager of our complex. He came down with a new trap, set it up, and left, assuring us that this would get the little critter for sure. Wrong! The next morning, the trap was licked clean, but there was not a mouse in the trap. What the heck was going on? This happened yet again on a third night, and by now, the manager was getting a little angry with the mouse. He got a new trap, the old fashioned kind, and also purchased some de Con, He baited the trap, and put the de-Con down, and said to call him when the trap got the mouse.

My wife and I went to bed at 11:30, turned out the lights, and waited for the trap to click. Nothing, Midnight came and went, and we went to sleep. This morning we checked the trap and , well, you guessed it, The peanut butter was licked off of the trap, but the mouse had obviously eaten some of the de-Con. I don’t know if the de-con sent him to mouse heaven or not, but tonight, we will put peanut butter on the trap, and if it is gone in the morning-------

I expect Rob Sterling to step out at any minute and say" You have entered the Twilight Zone"


Go Figure said...

Cedar, are you sure you have not been sleep walking? Oh, do you have a mouse tag? Remember, 'bulls' only! HA!

Cedar Street Kid said...

GF, I have notiiced that my finger smells a little like peanut butter when I wake up. Hm.

As far as tags go, it is kind of hard to tell the Mickeys from the Minnies.