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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Al's Little Store Revisited

Sometime back I posted a blog about Al's Little Store. Al's was there long before the modern convenience stores. Al's was especially dear and near to students at Wallace High. We could stop by there on our way home, be it after school or practice, and get our fill of junk food. I found a picture of Al's, so I thought that I would post it. Thanks for the memories, Al.


Go Figure said...

All I can say is "WOW!" Great job!

Go Figure said...

Looked at the photo again...Al I can say, again, is WOW! That was such a special and great place. I am glad you had a photo of Al. Thanks again.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Lots of memories. When I look at this picture I think of Coke,a ten cent bag of chips,and twinkies, And on a hot summer day I see popcicles, fudgecicles, and nickel sticks. I scanned this pic from one of our annuals. He was one of the sponsers of the annuals.