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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Big Blue Sky

This year for the Idaho Vandals

Eastern Washington- 20
Idaho                          3
{and Eastern is a Championship Subdivision team-formerly called 1A}Should have been an automatic win for Idaho

Bowling Green        21
Idaho                      13          -Ok, a respectable showing, and a game Idaho could have won.

LSU                        63
Idaho                      14           I am shocked that it was this close.

Wyoming                40
Idaho                      37             (is is possible for  Vandal team to "Coug it"? If so, that is what they did.

North Carolina        66
Idaho                      0              Need I say more about this game.

Totlal for the first five games of the season

All Others               210
Idaho                        67

Hm, can you say Big Sky Conference?  It's time, boys. I love Vandal football, I have been listening to it since I was old enough to walk. I have lived through all of the eras since the late fifties, and the best, the Golden era, were the years in the Big Sky. There is nothing disgraceful about it  I love Big Sky football,

Hopefully, we pull out at least one win this year. Go Vandals.

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