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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Follow Up On" The Call"

I want to kind of update some thoughts on the Seattle/Green Bay game on Monday. Yes, it is just a game and a form of entertainment, I do, however, fully realize that the NFL players make their living by playing, and that to them is is very serious business, I also fully acknowledge that to kids in high school, junior high, and college, that when they are playing, it is very serious to them at that time.

But, to fans, it should just be a game,a great entertainment,but it should just be a game.


Go Figure said...

It was great entertainment! This 'catch' will go down in Seahawk lore as being equal to the Joe Montana to Dwight Clark 'catch'.

Cedar Street Kid said...

It was a brutal game, and I think the Hawks have a great quarterback in the making. Also, their defense is incredible.