Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cheers and Bottoms Up

Seems like maybe the 60's and 70's are back when it comes to the Coeur D Alene Public Schools dress code. While I totally  support a dress code, the idea that cheerleaders cannot wear their cheer outfits on game day is well, it is just plain un-American.

Looks like a possible compromise was reached last night when it was decided that the girls could wear their cheerleader uniforms to school on same day of they wore "leggings or warm ups underneath" Please! They seem to think that showing naked knees would send male students into some type moral craze and , and heaven forbid, have all kinds of thoughts. Hm, we certainly cannot have teenage boys thinking about teenage girls, now can we?



Go Figure said...

I won't pretend to remember what teenage boys think about. However, I do recall that back in the day I actually paid no attention to what the cheerleaders were, or were not, wearing on game day. I will say, however, that in today's day and age of equality etc. etc., the old short skirt outfits seem 'old school' and they should come up with something that meets the school code and is athletic and flashy looking instead.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Wow, you are getting old (:)

Go Figure said...

Yep, you have got that one right!