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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Future-Coming Soon To A Lake Near You

Future headline in the local newspaper.

 Its' Official- CDA Lake Now Belongs Only To The Wealthy

All those whose net worth is less than ten million dollars will be deported from downtown and deported and relocated to Athol , Plummer-or East Sherman Ave. your choice.

The Owners of the Lake and all of downtown want the public to know that there are jobs available downtown, especially the job of " Head Butt Kisser"The pay is lousy, and the view is crappy, but hey, it's  job, right?

When interviewed by the local "newspaper", the residents of the normal apartments and buildings downtown and close to downtown said " What can we do? it's progress, right?"

The Owners also want the public to know that their ownership also includes all views of the Lake.  Any "poor" person will be arrested who tries to view the Lake. They added that this is all for the good of the community and for future generations.


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Go Figure said...

In ten years the youngsters will say...There is a lake? No way, you are kidding!