Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Show Some Respect, Please

I am very frustrated by the local rag of a newspaper in CDA that shows no respect for my home town of Wallace. It seems that perhaps to them, Wallace is but a memory, a fantasy place, or worse, that it does not even exist. No, they prefer the "lumping method" What is the lumping method, you ask? Well, the lumping method is calling everything in the Wallace, Mullan, Kellogg area the "Silver Valley" They are very distinct towns, and in no way are they one.

My blood came to a boiling point last week when the CDA Press was referring to  very prominent man, the retired CEO of Coeur D Alene Mines, as a 'Silver Valley native." Dennis Wheeler was a Wallace resident, not a Silver Valley resident. The term "Silver Valley" did not even exist when Dennis was growing up in Wallace. I knew Dennis. He was in high school when I was like 6 or 7, and he was one of my first baseball coaches in what we called "farm team". Dennis later became an  attorney for Hull and Hull in WALLACE, not the Silver Valley. He later became the head of CDA Mines, which at that time was headquartered in WALLACE, not the Silver Valley.

I wonder how a certain mega rich CDA figure would feel if the paper said " Mr D,Ha------, a greater Spokane area native-----"

The name is Wallace, not the Silver Valley, not Historic Wallace, but simply 'WALLACE. Geesh, show a little respect, please. 

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Distinct is an understatement!