Monday, May 25, 2009

Get Smart

Taught by a Hindu teacher:

" Diamonds in your pocket"

There once was a renown diamond thief who was unsurpassed in his methods and success. he picked his victims by watching diamond buyers in the diamond district going in and purchasing gems. The thief would then follow the buyers until the time was right, and would then craftily pick pocket the victim and steal the diamond.

One day the thief saw a buyer enter the shop and purchase a particularly valuable diamond that the thief had coveted for years. His heart raced with the thrill of the chase, and when the buyer came out, the thief bumped into the buyer, and tried to pick his pocket. Alas, the diamond was not there. The thief then made it his quest to follow the buyer wherever he went, and determined in his heart that he would steal that diamond.

The buyer boarded a train and for three days and nights on the train, the thief stalked the buyer, and used all of his skills to find and steal the diamond. Finally, the journey came to and end, and at the buyer's last stop, they both exited the train. The thief could stand it no longer, and went up directly to the buyer and said.

"I am one of the greatest diamond thief's in the world, and I have followed you for days, but I cannot find the diamond. Please. for my own curiosity, tell me how I failed."

The buyer told the thief" I saw you at the market place, and I knew you were a thief and would try to steal my diamond, so I put it in a place that you would least expect to find it." And with that, the buyer put his hand in the thief's coat and pulled out the diamond.

And so you see, the treasure is closer to to than you think, and while we always look externally for answers, happiness, for love, and confirmation, the answer and the treasure is in your own heart.


MarmiteToasty said...

Sometimes its hard to love oneself.... cos ya see ya self differently to what others do....

lovely post....


Cedar Street Kid said...

Hi, MT
Ah, but you should always love yourself, cherish yourself, and realize that you are the best you, and the only you because you were created as a unique gift to the world.

MarmiteToasty said...

OK, I will love meself..... well, someone has to love me right LOL