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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Know You, but how did you get to be so old? Re posted from 2008

As you have already realized from my previous posts, I never knew who or what was going to come walking, crawling, flying, riding, or creeping into my lobby at 85th and Aurora Avenue. It was like Mardi Gras, the 4th of July, New Years, and Lead Creek Derby all rolled up into one. Actually, it was more like Cuckoo's Nest. When someone came in you didn't know if it was to check in, or if you were going to meet your Maker that day.

So, when someone walked in, started looking you up and down, and then started smiling at you, you began to wonder just what was going to happen next. But, the most feared words that you could hear were,"I know you." Why were these words so frightening? Well, Aurora had a plethora of the strangest people on the face of the earth, and if they knew you, something was really wrong. One of the times turned out to be a nice reunion, the other, well, it was strange, to say the least.I will post about the strange one another day.

The man who walked through the door had a beard, scraggly blond hair, and was acting pleasantly enough. He smiled at me and inquired about room rates for two people for the night. I noticed that he had begun to stare at me, and the alarm bells started going off just a little in the back of my mind. Why was this man looking so intently at me?He then spoke those feared words."I know you" Now my defenses were on full alert.

"No, you don't," I replied. "Yes, I, do," he said a little more forcefully. "I don't think so," I hesitantly responded.
"You are-Cedar Street Kid. I looked closer at him, and then the door swung open to my memory banks and I did indeed know this man.

 Yes, I knew him., but how had he become so old? You see, I had graduated with Rob from Wallace High School and had not seen him thirty years. We laughed, had some catch-up conversation, and talked about the present. Yes, it was really good to see him. Of course, I went to my mirror and stared at the man looking back at me. Hm, sure glad I had not aged as much as he had in thirty years. He looked middle-aged, while I, of course, still looked eighteen! Wow, I wondered, did all of my classmates look old?

Amazing, isn't it? I still see all of them in my mind like they looked all of those years ago.


MarmiteToasty said...

Yep Im still 19 lol...... a friend contacted me a couple of weeks ago, an old school mate from 35 years ago, she had found my name on the 'friends reunited' list on our old school year..... when 14/15/16 we was inseperable at school and then went our seperate ways.... sad really.... but do I really wanna meet this old matie from 35 years ago.... she still lives about 3 miles from me.... I to looked in the mirror and thought.... nah, surely I aint aged as much as she lol.....

Now cos of me op, there is no way I can met up for a coffee now... maybe thats a sign.... to let sleeping dogs lie.....


Cedar Street Kid said...

It is great to still be so young
Hope you are feeling better-best wishes for a speedy recovery,Marmite Toasty!

Go Figure said...

Yep, I am sure that Rob is older than the hills and looks twice as old. I'm glad I have used natural aging products such as lead, mercury, and uranium to keep my youthful look and my skin taunt.

Cedar Street Kid said...

That was funny,G.F. I personally keept young by smoking 2 packs of Kools a day for 25 years and comsuming 3 bottles a day of Mad Dog.Also, I bathed in Lead Creek twice a day.

Cedar Street Kid said...

By the way,G.F.-does that mean that you still look like you did 38 years ago?