Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Now Pronounce You-------You

OK, everytime that I think that I have heard it all, then comes--drum roll please---Sologamy, yes that wedding of a lifetime when you marry your soul mate, that one person who knows you better than anyone does, the one who knows all of your secrets, all of your dreams, and yes, even your -mmm-kinky side. Yes, Sologamy, the blissful experience of marrying yourself. I have composed a list of questions and musing about this uniting self to self,

1. What would happen if you proposed to yourself and then you turned yourself down? I am sure you would be devasted, not to mention what if word spread to your friends or co-workers? How could you ever face them again? Would you need therapy to accept and get over this rejection?

2. If you said "yes" to your proposal, would you want a wedding right away, or would you want an engagement period? If you choose to have an engagement period, would you want a short engagement or a protracted one? And lastly, would you purchase an expensive engagement ring for yourself?

3. What type of ceremony would you want? Would you desire a religious wedding in a church with flowers, attendants, bridesmaids, and maid of honor and best man, or would you want a small civil nuptial exchange before a JOP? Maybe you would walk on the wild side and elope to Vegas. You could set up a ladder leading up to your bedroom before you retire for the evening, and then at midnight, open the window and fully dressed in your wedding dress, or tuxedo, whichever the case may be, shimmy down the ladder, run across the street to a pre-arranged limo, and say" Airport, please".

4. The vows. Traditional vows are always beautiful and have stood the test of time for many, many years, but maybe writing your own vows would be a beautiful thing to do. After all, this is a life long commitment and not one to be entered into frivolously,

5. The Honeymoon-well, we won't go there. This is a PG-rated blog, at least most of the time.

OK, I am having a little fun with this, but Sologamy is real, although it is not legally recognized in the US and Europe, but there are some good questions for al of us to ponder.

It is good to be faithful to self
It is good to love yourself
It is good to treat yourself.. Take that dream vacation. Do that hobby that you love. Take time for yourself.
It is good to learn to trust yourself
It is good to pronounce yourself -YOU

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